Precision Healthcare

The next 10 years will likely see a revolution in the use of cognitive technologies, pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics and Ayurveda for precision and curative individual health care. Admittedly, the industry has not been a leader in the use of data and analytics in the past. Multiple disconnected systems, poor data quality, and difficult-to-change patient and provider behaviors have often been part of the challenges related to precision health care. “Imprecision medicine” has generally been the rule. But there are clear signs of change in the multi-trillion global health care industry that we believe will come to fruition over the next decade.

And from a life science perspective, the convergence of pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics, Ayurveda and cognitive technologies are probably the only resource that can make that revolutionary vision for personalized precision health care possible and truly enhance the performance of all consumers.

The Global health care ecosystem is experiencing a transformation, and this can have major implications for the way life science organizations discover, develop, and commercialize products. At the heart of this change is a shift in focus toward individualized, patient centric care. Precision medicine is shaping research to focus on the variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person, and Anzalp developing our products for targeted patient populations.

This type of personalization requires an understanding of what works for whom, why, and at what cost. In the past, the right data did not exist in order to answer those detailed questions, until now. There is an exponential increase of new, differentiated, rapidly delivered health information from various sources including heath records, genomic data, social data, wearable remote monitored data, and clinical data, etc. The variety and depth of data are making it possible for the health care ecosystem to better understand patients and more specifically professional athletes and use data to address those key questions.

Our Goal is to provide the optimal personalized nutritional and pharmaceutical product lines to enhance recovery and improve performance for each consumer, using molecular tools to identify how nutrients and bioactive food compounds and pharmaceuticals alter the DNA transcription and translation process, affecting the expression of genes that regulate critical metabolic pathways, which may ultimately affect health and performance outcomes. We will seek to achieve this goal by utilizing advanced Genetic testing (Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics), AI, social and clinical and Ayurveda data to develop custom formulations for each individual consumer, so healthcare professionals can optimize treatment and recovery protocols to allow the consumers to achieve optimal performance and health.

Additionally, we can perform assessments on genetic predispositions to injury, cancer, addiction, etc. that will allow the consumer to better manage their health, training, recovery and careers.

We want to collaborate with organizations to develop a program that will help there consumers, and all of the supporting healthcare personnel to maximize a consumers unique genetic potential to perform at an elite level and reduce injury. The program can provide specific details indicating how an individual’s Genes affect: